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I am a self-taught German artist, living and working in South America. Somehow life brought me here...


Occasionally this crazy world can feel like a mess, right? Art always helps me, to get my feet on the ground and clear my spinning mind.


Finding yourself can be an adventures journey, sometimes hard to struggle. But when you finally did, you´ll never wanna leave this place that lays within your deepest innermost.


There you will find me with nothing but a sheet of paper, some colors or a guitar and my mind full of joy and happiness.


Have you shown your colors to the world yet?

About HEYOKA Handicrafts


HEYOKA Handicrafts is my first own business. It was born from the idea to combine my love for beautiful, artistic things with practicality in the sense of applied art. I am interested in many things, painting, drawing, I love handicrafts, working with clay, making music... Because I could not and did not want to choose between the various directions, I decided to combine all the advantages of the different techniques and start my own small label in the field of handicrafts.

For many years I have had a passion for the art of tribal cultures all over the world, especially that of the Indians of North and South America. What a luck that I am now also allowed to live on real Indian soil. With my craft I would like to pay tribute to these wonderful cultures that still live on in art today and interpret them in a modern way, adding elements of the Bohemian style.


What does HEYOKA mean? The Plains Indians considered Heyokas to be clowns, contraries, reverse reaction warriors and fools. They were those individuals who dedicated themselves to an extraordinary lifestyle in which they did the opposite of what others usually did. In doing so, they turned all conventions into their opposite. Since I would also call myself an unconventional person, I found the name very appropriate for my business.

But HEYOKA also has another meaning. In alternative psychology, highly empathic people are called Heyokas, who mercilessly mirror their environment, show people their weaknesses and thus give them the opportunity to grow on their mistakes. They open up new ways of looking at things and feel your growth pain. Well, I too am such a mirror for my fellow human beings, which is not always easy, but in the long run it allows both sides to mature emotionally and spiritually.

I am happy that you have found me and hope you enjoy my way of transforming reality into art.

Be blessed.

LVE, Jasmin