In 10/2018 I was represented at the Designers´Open (German Art Fair) with my work. The hand-painted oval wooden table was commissioned by one of the exhibitors. He wanted a table in the style of naive painting (similar to Mexican art - that´s why I chose, among other things, the fabulous Frida Kahlo as a motif), which was a completely new experience for me. I had a lot of fun while doing this and could really try it out.




MURAL (2018)

This mural I finished in March 2018. It measures 3 by 3 meters and shows the client's three children. He preferred a mix of Surrealism and typical elements of Art Nouveau, as Gustav Klimt used them in his paintings.






I tried something new! These two necklaces are made of polymer clay, as it is used by professional doll makers. The beads and the pendants are handmade, hand-painted and sealed with lacquer. I was inspired by the ancient art of the Maya and Inca. Maybe I'll do a few more ...